Treion is an author, blended learning authority, social learning expert, and eLearning and parenting thought leader. Treion currently works as the VP of Digital Learning Solutions at TwentyEighty, and has over 12 years experience in the Training and Development industry.

In addition to the new Children’s books series, The Carington Crew, Treion is the author of three parenting “Mom Rules: Because Even Superheroes Need Help Sometimes” and “Dad Rules: A Simple Manual For a Complex Job” and “Reality Parenting: As Not Seen on TV.”

Treion holds a masters degree in Instructional Design from Utah State University with an emphasis in blended learning, and is the co-author of two business books: “The Learning Explosion™: 9 Rules to Ignite Your Virtual Classrooms” and “The Webinar manifesto.”

Combined with his avid research and knowledge of technology and social media, and his rich experience in instructional design, corporate training, and sales, Treion regularly presents on the future of eLearning and online training. Some of his speaking topics include, transitioning from live training to virtual classrooms, harnessing technological advances and social media to enhance learning, and effectively incorporating blended learning into existing and future training and learning initiatives.

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